Thursday, March 7, 2013

Bell Patents the Telephone: Books with Phones

On this day in 1876, Alexander Graham Bell patented the telephone. Now I carry one around in my pocket. I barely use the phone function. It's amazing what 137 years can do. Here's a list of books where phones play a major role.


Gimme a Call by Sarah Mlynowski. After Devi drops her cell phone in a fountain, it only calls herself-- 3 years ago. Suddenly, she can tell her past self what to do to make her future life better.

You Have Seven Messages by Stewart Lewis. Luna's mother died a year ago and her family still hasn't recovered. Then she finds her mother's cell phone, with seven unheard messages on it.

Welcome, Caller, This Is Chloe by Shelley Coriell. When her junior independent study project doesn't get approved, Chloe's left scrambling. She ends up working with the school radio station and hosting a call-in show.


Gorgeous by Rachel Vail. Allison is the invisible older sister, until she makes a deal with the devil. He can possess her cell phone, and she gets everything she wants. What can go wrong? This tells the same broad story as Lucky, but from a different sister's point of view. Brilliant rounds out the Avery Sisters Trilogy.

What Would My Cell Phone Do? by Micol Ostow. Aggie just moved from Florida to Alaska and isn't adjusting well. She loses her cell phone and when trying to use the GPS function to track it online, she discovers her missing phone is leading a much better life than she is, so she has a new motto-- What Would My Cell Phone Do?

Hell Phone by William Sleator. When Nick buys a cheap cell phone, he thinks it's a good deal, until strangers start calling him with demands that lead him into a life of crime.


iDrakula by Bekka Black. It's Dracula, but told in emails and texts and set in the modern era.

SnApp Shots: How to Take Great Pictures with Smartphones and Apps by Adam Bronkhorst. This handy little guide is full of tips and tricks for getting the most out of your camera phone and taking advantage of the different lenses, films, and finishes that photography apps offer.

Lola and the Boy Next Door by Stephanie Perkins. Ok, a phone doesn't play a major role, but the dreamy boy next door is Cricket Graham Bell, named after his inventor ancestor and torn by the fact that Alexander stole the telephone from Elisha Gray.

What are your favorite books that revolve around telephones?

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