Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Happy Birthday William Shakespeare!

It's Shakespeare's birthday! (And sadly, his death day.) In addition to the wonderful plays and sonnetts that we're still reading and performing today, his work has provided us great inspiration throughout the centuries. Here are some book based on his plays and characters.


Wondrous Strange by Lesley Livingston. While playing Tatiana in a production of Midsumemr's Night Dream, Kelley discovers that faeries are real, and her fate is somehow entwined with theirs. The first in a series, follow it with Darklight.

Confessions of a Triple Shot Betty by Jody Gehrman. This retells Much Ado About Nothing setting it in modern day Sonoma County. Follow it with Triple Shot Bettys in Love.

Romiette and Julio by Sharon Draper. Romiette is African-American and Julio is Hispanic. They think they're fated to be together, but the local gang is determined to keep them apart.


Romeo and Juliet Together (And Alive!) at Last by Avi. Peter and Anabell like each other, but are too shy to do anything about it, so their friends force them to star in Romeo and Juliet together-- but that still might not be enough!

Falling for Hamlet by Michelle Ray. In this modern retelling of Hamlet, Ophelia's dating the Prince of Denmark in the paparazzi's eye. This gets even harder after the Prince's father dies and Hamlet starts to unravel.

Something Rotten by Alan Gratz. In this retelling of Hamlet, set in Tennessee, Horatio Wilkes is visiting is best friend Hamilton. Hamilton's father has been poisoned, but only Hamilton and Horatio believe it. Luckily, they're on the case. Follow it with the next Horatio Wilkes mystery, Something Wicked.


Ariel by Grace Tiffany. This gives the back story of Ariel from The Tempest.

Saving Juliet by Suzanne Selfors. Mimi has the dream role--playing Juliet on Broadway against a hotthrob. Too bad she doesn't want to be an actress--that's her mother's dream. But when she and her costar are suddenly transported to Verona, they're going to put a new twist on the story.

Ophelia by Lisa Klein. A retelling of Hamlet, but from Ophelia's point of view. Be sure to read Klein's other take on Shakespeare, Lady Macbeth's Daughter.

What are your favorite Shakespeare influenced books?

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