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May is National Foster Care Month

May is National Foster Care Month, highlighting the foster care experience and the need for involved adults to give children safe and happy lives.


One for the Murphys by Lynda Mullaly Hunt. Carley ends up in foster care after her step-fater puts her and her mother in the hospital. Despite some friction with their oldest son, the Murphy's offer a safe and loving place that seems too good to be true and Carley's wondering what will happen when the other shoe drops. This is a beautiful book that shows a very positive foster care experience.

Three Little Words: A Memoir by Ashley Rhodes-Courter. When she was 4, Ashley was taken from her mother and placed into foster care. She spent the next 9 years being bounced between placements and case workers, with some kind families and some horrible ones.

The Throwaway Piece by Jo Ann Yolanda Hernandez. After helping her mother survive a string of horrible boyfriends, Jewel is devastated when her mother puts her in foster care. Through some kind adults, she starts to find her own way in life, but is torn between doing what's right for Jewel and trying to save her mother once again.


Locomotion by Jacqueline Woodson. In this verse novel, Locomotion tells of life with his foster mother Mrs. Edna and how she manages to visit his little sister, who has been adopted by another family.

The Book of Fred by Abby Bardi. Mary Fred has grown up in a fundamentalist cult. When she is removed from her sect's settlement she is placed in a foster family that is well-intentioned, but has its own issues. While they give Mary Fred the stability and introduction to mainstream life, she, in turn, gives them something and they learn to be a family. Published for adults, the age of Mary Fred and her foster sister (both 15) gives this teen appeal.

Solace of the Road by Siobhan Dowd. Holly lives with a too-nice foster family and misses her mother. When Holly finds a blond wig, wearing it gives her a new confidence and an alter-ego that runs away to try to get back to Ireland to find her mother.


Nobody But Us by Kristin Halbrook. After aging out of foster care, Will decides to go to Las Vegas, taking along his girlfriend Zoe, an abused girl he met in his group home placement.

Calli by Jessica Lee Anderson. Calli's not entirely sure how she feels about the fact that her parents have decided to be foster parents. But when Cherish arrives, steals Calli's boyfriend and possessions and tries to split up Calli's moms, Calli enacts a plan for revenge that goes horribly wrong.

What I Call Life by Jill Wolfson. Listening to the stories told by the Knitting Lady helps Cai and the other girls in her group home come to terms with what has happened to them and their lives now.

What are your favorite books about the foster experience?

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