Sunday, August 18, 2013

Bali-Java Blackout: Books about Electricity

On this day in 2005, a blackout in Indonesia affected 100 million people. It was caused by a failed transmission line that then caused a cascading power failure. It was the largest blackout in history until last year in late July when northern Indian provinces drew too much power, causing a cascading failure that ultimately affected 670 million people. On August 14 of 2003, a tree fell on a power line in Ohio, causing a cascading power failure that left most of the northeast of the US and Canada in the dark-- over 50 million people. It was in the middle of a heat wave and lasted days. (Fun note: I moved into the black-out zone during this. FUN TIMES.) Anyway, today we look at books about electricity.


The Manga Guide to Electricity by Kazuhiro Fujitaka and Matsuda. With a cute story about an alien trying to pass an electricity exam, this is a basic and fun-to-read introduction to electricity.
v The Storm Gourmet: A Guide to Creating Extraordinary Meals Without Electricity by Daphne Nikolopoulus. It is what the title suggests-- a cookbook devoted to recipes that can easily be made when you don't have electricity.

Michael Vey: The Prisoner of Cell 25 by Richard Paul Evans. Michael has Tourrette's and electric powers. When he discovers that cheerleader Taylor also has electric powers, they try to discover what's going on. But, when they look into it, they also discover that there are bad guys after them for their powers. Get reading now. The third, Michael Vey 3: Battle of the Ampere comes out next month.

Seriously guys, where are all the books about power outages? I'm sure I'm missing some crazy obvious one. I mean, I have to be!

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