Thursday, August 22, 2013

Be an Angel Day: Books About Angels

Today is Be an Angel Day- a day in which we're encouraged to do small acts of kindness and nice things for others. To celebrate, today we're looking at books about angels.


Halo by Alexandra Adornetto. Three angels have been sent from Heaven to battle gathering dark forces on Earth. Bethany, the youngest, is supposed to help teens chose the right path, but instead gets swept up in their lifestyle, falling in love and risking hte entire mission. The first in a trilogy, follow it with Hades.

Unearthly by Cynthia Hand. Clara's part angel and when she starts receiving divine visions of fire. She and her mother realize the fire she's seeing is a forest fire outside of Jackson. They move there to fulfill her destiny, but beyond location, she's not sure what she's supposed to do next. The first in a trilogy, follow it with Hallowed.

Going Bovine by Libba Bray. Cameron is an annoying slacker pothead who gets mad cow disease. As it takes over his brain, he goes on a massive road trip with a Mexican-American dwarf and a punk-rock angel with hot pink wings. A retelling of Don Quixote, by the end, you can't help but be utterly in love with Cameron.


A Flight of Angels conceived and illustrated by Rebecca Guay. When an angel falls to earth, unconscious and bleeding in a forest, the fairies gather round in a tribunal. Each may tell a story as evidence as they decide the angel's fate. Each story is written by different author, ranging from Holly Black to Bill Willingham. Guay illustrates each story, but changes her style accordingly.

Eternal by Cynthia Leititch Smith. Zachary's a former guardian angel whose wings have been clipped for interfering in Miranda's life. Miranda's a newly made vampire princess who now has Zachary as a personal assistant. But Zachary is still trying to save Miranda's soul-- something made much harder by the upcoming Death Day gala. The third in a series, start with Tantalize.

The Sweet Dead Life by Joy Preble. Jenna's father is gone, her mother's depressed, and she's very, very sick. Her brother Casey works two jobs and is trying to hold everything together. But then he dies (driving Jenna to the hospital) and returns as her guardian angel, showing her the truth about a lot in her life.


Blue Bloods by Melissa de la Cruz. New York's rich elite are actually vampires, but in this mythology, vampires are fallen angels-- those who sided with Lucifer, but tried to change their minds and are now trapped on Earth, caught between heaven and hell, trying to recreate the world they left behind. The first in a series, follow it with Masquerade.

Angel Burn by l. a. weatherly. If you've been touched by an angel, you've been drained of most of your life force, left feeling blissful, but perilously close to death. Alex is an angel hunter, trying to protect humans from them, but can't understand why he's been sent to kill Willow-- a girl who doesn't realize she's half-angel, half-human. The first in a series, follow it with Angel Fire
v Coffeehouse Angel by Suzanne Selfors. Katrina finds a boy passed out behind her grandmother's coffeeshop one morning, and brings him pastry and fresh coffee. It turns out Malcolm is a guardian angel, and will now grant Katrina her greatest wish--if she has enough courage to tell him what it is.

What random acts of kindness did you receive today? There will be more angels tomorrow!

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