Friday, August 23, 2013

Be an Angel Day Part 2: More Books About Angels

So many angel books, they spilled over into a second day!


Fallen Angel by Heather Terrell. The new boy at school seems to know Ellie, and when Ellie gets to know him, she starts to learn that dreams of flying are real. She thinks she may be a vampire, but really she's a fallen angel, stuck on Earth. The first in a series, follow it with Eternity.

Kissed by an Angel by Elizabeth Chandler. Ivy believes in angels, but when Tristan dies she begins to doubt. Then Tristan shows up as her guardian angel. He's delighted to be back, but saving her means completing his mission, and leaving her again. This edition contains the first three books in the series. Follow it with Evercrossed.

Angel Star by Jennifer Murgia. Teagan can feel the darkness closing in, until a new boy shows up at school. Garreth makes her feel safe, and he has the mark of the angels on his palm, but the two are soon caught in a battle that's bigger than both of them. Follow it with Lemniscate.


Fallen by Lauren Kate. Luce is drawn to Daniel, although he tells her to stay away, that their love will kill, and has killed. It turns out they're fallen angels, and have found and lost each other many times throughout the centuries. The first in a series, follow it with Torment.

Hush, Hush by Becca Fitzpatrick. Nora's new lab partner can read her thoughts. Turns out Patch is a fallen angel, trying to become human. He can control Nora, but she's drawn to his danger. The first in a series, follow it with Crescendo.

Embrace by Jessice Shirvington. Violet is torn between Lincoln, her self-defense instructor, and Phoenix, the new bad boy in town. When Violet's half-angel status is revealed she discovers both boys have their roles to play outside of their love-interest status.

What else would you add?

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  1. Jennie, in your April 8, 2013 YA Reading List you recommended the widely read, TEN GREEN BOTTLES by Vivian Jeanette Kaplan, which has been published in many languages worldwide. You said it was "Written for adults, but teens will enjoy and should read it." I believe the same comment applies to Vivian's new book, BLIND VISION, published by Hannover House, which has just become available, initially as an eBook from Amazon on Kindle. Below is some additional information about her new book.

    Amazon link at:

    and if you click on "Click to LOOK INSIDE!" just above the cover, you can read the Introduction and first two chapters.

    BLIND VISION Overview

    BLIND VISION is the explosive, riveting, and meticulously researched literary historical novel about one of the most horrific times in the late 15th century when thousands of New Christians in Spain, forced to convert from Judaism to Christianity, were accused of still being Jews, tortured, and then burned at the stake. All of this was led by the Vatican appointed Grand Inquisitor, Tomas de Torquemada, and King Ferdinand and Queen Isabella of Spain, who is currently on the path to sainthood.

    It is also the story of the great explorer, Christopher Columbus, whose voyage to the New World was only made possible by the money raised by the Jews and Crypto-Jews of the time. He took as many of them with him as he could when he left Spain on the exact day in 1492, when the Monarchs expelled all Jews under penalty of death. From personal interviews in South America, the US, and Spain, plus correspondence with international academics and the use of many archival sources, Vivian has discovered a wealth of information. Included is the shocking conclusion of Christopher Columbus' true identity, based on the determination of his natural mother and the author's detailed deciphering of his enigmatic signature, done in her book for all to see, that has baffled the world until now.

    And importantly, it is about the present day estimated millions of Anousim (pronounced "ah-noo-seem" - Hebrew for "forced ones"), living as Christians but who are descendants of Jews, with many thousands secretly practicing Judaism. They have found their roots and want to come out, but are afraid to because of their family, their friends, and even organized Jewry. Now, as in the time of the Inquisition, they are still referred to as Marranos (meaning "swine" or "pigs" in Spanish). BLIND VISION tackles this issue head-on with the characters of Alfonso, who lived in Spain during the late 1400s and Stefan, who lives today. The author artfully draws the reader into both lives, centuries apart, then, in the end, takes the separate stories and remarkably intertwines them.

    This is a seminal book that no doubt will change the world's attitude towards these people allowing them to announce they are Jews and not be ashamed of who they are or what they believe in and to provide the path for them to be fully embraced by the world at large.


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