Sunday, August 25, 2013

Wizard of Oz Opens

On this day in 1939, The Wizard of Oz opened in theaters.


Wicked: The Life and Times of the Wicked Witch of the West by Gregory Maguire. The first in a series reexamining Oz, this one gives us Elphaba, an insecure girl trying to unseat a tyrannical ruler, who will grow up to be the Wicked Witch of the West. The first in a series, follow it with Son of a Witch.

Fables: Legends in Exileby Bill Willingham. Exiles from their homelands, a quiet street in Manhattan hosts a secret world of fairy tale characters. Published for adults, mature teens will love this comic book series and spin-offs. In the beginning, the main Oz component is Bufkin, a flying monkey who lives in the Fables office. But Ozma and Dorothy have become MUCH bigger characters in more recent times. Volume 17, Inherit the Wind even features a return to Oz.

The Four Dorothys by Paul Ruditis. Orion Academy is where Hollywood's A-List sends their kids. Competition for the school play (Wizard of Oz) is so fierce, most of the play is double-cast, except Dorothy, which is quadruple cast. But when Dorothys start dropping, Bryan has to figure out what's going on, or there won't be anyone left by opening night. The first in the Drama! series, follow it with Everyone's a Critic.


Murder On The Yellow Brick Road by Stuart M. Kaminsky. Written for adults, this is a fun introduction to noir crime novels as Toby Peters is investigating the death of one of the actors who played a Munchkin.

Oz Reimagined: New Tales from the Emerald City and Beyond edited by John Joseph Adams and Douglas Cohen. This anthology of Oz-inspired stories comes from authors from Orson Scott Card to Jane Yolen, Jonathan Marberry to Rae Carson. The reimaginings span the gambit from hard-boiled crime to a Kansas circus, from cyber punk to Shanghai in 1919.

The Wonderful World of Oz by L. Frank Baum, because if you haven't read the original yet, you really should. This version contains three books in the series-- The Wizard of Oz, The Emerald City of Oz, and Glinda of Oz.

What are your favorite Oz books?

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  1. I loved Wicked! I'm planning on reading the next-Son of A Witch soon.


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