Thursday, September 12, 2013

National Video Games Day

Today is National Video Games Day (not to be confused with Video Game Day on July 8). While you're waiting for your games to load, check out these books:


Level Up by Gene Luen Yang illustrated by Thien Pham. Dennis's parents want him to go to med school and be a doctor. He just wants to play video games. When four guardian angels arrive to tell Dennis to hit the books, he listens. But... who are these angels working for?

Ready Player One by Ernest Cline. In the virtual reality world of OASIS, people can escape the poverty-stricken future. It's said that the creator hid clues to his fortune in the game. When Wade finds the first clue, he discovers people are willing to kill to get it.

Ender's Game Ender is a video game whiz, and is sent to a prestigious military academy to play war simulation games. Ender's a star student, but life at school is lonely, and hard.


Z. Rex by Steve Cole. After his father disappears, Adam is hunted by armed bad guys, and a talking T. Rex. It appears that the video game his dad was working on has come to life, and they're after Adam. The first in the Hunting series, follow it with Z. Raptor.

The Unidentified by Rae Mariz. The Game is a mall converted into a school, where students play their way through levels. But the Game is really a way for corporate sponsors to do market research. Then Kid stumbles across The Unidentified-- a group that pulls anticorporate pranks. But soon, even they are co-opted for corporate purposes-- unless Kid can stop them.

Bubble World by Carol Snow. Freesia was having issues in school so her parents enrolled her in a total virtual-immersion program. They think she's taking advanced classes and she is-- but they're about make up. Freesia's awoken by singing peacocks and has a perfect body and a gigantic closet, but when the virtual reality crashes, she has to remember, and deal with, reality.


Kimmie66 by Aaron Alexovich. In the 23rd century, Telly spends all of her time in the liars-- a virtual reality environment. When she gets a suicide note from her best friend, she's not sure if it's real or a prank-- but if it's real, how can Telly find Kimmie66 in the real world when she doesn't even know her real name?

Deadly Pink by Vivian Vande Velde. Grace's older sister Emily works designing virtual reality video games. But Emily's hid herself in a sparkly pink princess game-- and won't come out. Can Grace save her before it's too late?

Insignia by SJ Kincaid. In WWIII, most battles are found using drones. Tom's a whiz with video games, so he's asked to join the intersolar forces. Suddenly everything changes for him-- but at what price? The first in a trilogy, follow it with Vortex.

What are your favorite books about video gaming?

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