Friday, October 4, 2013

Hispanic Heritage Month

September 15 - October 15 is Hispanic Heritage Month. I'd totally link to the website, but it's run by the Library of Congress, and all their sites have been shutdown by the government shut down. (No, not at all bitter about this thing. NOT AT ALL.)

Anyway, to celebrate, here are some books with Hispanic American characters or written by Hispanic American authors. Or both.


Gamma Glamma by Kim Flores. Normally, being asked to enter the science fair would be an honor, but it's the same day as Homecoming--something Luz does not want to miss. Her solution? Come up with a project so outrageous, there's no way it will win and she won't have to go! So, she's using science to make people popular. Her lab cooks it all up--jelly beans that make you tan, bubble gum that helps your conversational skills, and specially formulated perfume. Sadly, it turns out when you made all your friends super-popular, there's no one left to eat lunch with. And her success means she still has to go to Science Fair.

What Can't Wait by Ashley Hope Perez. Marissa is torn between the expectations of her traditional Mexican family and her high school math teacher, who thinks that, with a little effort, Marissa could ace the AP Calc test and get into Engineering School at UT-Austin.

Aristotle and Dante Discover the Secrets of the Universe by Benjamin Alire Saenz. Ari and Dante seem to be opposites, but become best friends as they deal with family drama and figuring out the secrets of identity and the universe.


Parrot in the Oven: Mi vida by Victor Martinez. Manny tries to figure out how to be a guy to respect. In between preparing for his gang initiation, dragging his father out of the pool hall, and just surviving daily life in his neighborhood, he just might find it.

The Trouble with Half a Moon by Danette Vigilante. Dellie's family is shattered by the death of her little brother, and in an attempt to keep her safe, Dellie is no longer allowed outside the house. Then new people move into her projects, making them rougher and less safe, and she befriends a young boy who is neglected and abused by his mother.

When the Stars Go Blue by Caridad Ferrer. Soledad wants to become a ballet dancer, and spends a summer dancing the role of Carmen with a drum and bugle corps, not sure if she's helping or hurting her potential career.


Boyfriends with Girlfriends by Alex Sanchez. Sergio's bi, but has only dated girls, until he meets Lance. Lance's best friend Allie is in a long-term relationship with a guy, until she meets Sergio's best friend, Kimiko. Confused? Imagine how confused they are?

The Hollywood Sisters: Backstage Pass by Mary Wilcox. Eva has made the big time as a TV star. Her younger sister Jess prefers to be off-camera, but when someone tries to ruin Eva's career by spreading lies to the press, Jess is on the case. The first in a series, follow this with The Hollywood Sisters: On Location.

Haters by Alisa Valdes-Rodriguez. Paski has just moved to LA, where she doesn't fit in with her new wealthy and beautiful classmates, but that doesn't stop her from lusting after the Queen Bee's boyfriend.

Also check out our list for Latino Books Month, but what are your must-reads for Hispanic Heritage Month?

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