Tuesday, November 26, 2013

Alice in Wonderland

On this day in 1862, Charles Dodgson gave Alice Lidell a story he wrote. It was later published and is now a classic.


Alice's Adventures in Wonderland & Through the Looking-Glass by Lewis Carroll. This is the original, plus the sequel in one book.

The Looking Glass Wars by Frank Beddor. On Alyss Heart's 7th birthday, her evil Aunt Redd storms the castle and murders her parents. Alyss barely escapes through the pool of tears, into our world. But in our world, imagination can't make flowers sing or conjure things from thin air. Alyss eventually finds an adoptive family, and someone she thinks believes her-- until he publishes her story as children's fluff. But then card soldiers crash her wedding and take her back to Wonderland, to take her place as the warrior princess to save her land. This is Alice in Wonderland as you've never imagined it. The first in a trilogy, follow it with Seeing Redd.

Wonderland by Tommy Kovac, illustrated by Sonny Liew. At the beginning of Alice in Wonderland, the White Rabbit calls Alice Maryann. Who is Maryann? In this comic book, she's the White Rabbit's maid. Alice isn't actually in this one, but everyone else is.


Alice in Sunderland by Bryan Talbot. This is a rather madcap love letter to Sunderland, England. Giving us a tour of the town, teaching us its history, and outlining all of Lewis Carroll's and Alice's connections with the area. Along the way are meditations on aging, the history of comics, and a guide to the town's great pubs.

Alice in Zombieland by Gena Showalter. Alice has never been allowed out after dark--her father was too afraid of monsters. After zombies attack and kill her entire family, Alice learns to also fear the monsters-- but it's too late. She's now on a path of vengeance. The first in the White Rabbit Chronicles, follow it with Through the Zombie Glass.

Splintered by AG Howard. Alyssa's mother is crazy, and she thinks she might be too, she can hear flowers talking to her. But Alyssa and her mother are descendants of Alice Lidell, and Wonderland is real--and much darker than Carroll ever imagined. Follow it with Unhinged--it comes out in January.


Alice in the Country of Hearts, Vol. 1 by QuinRose, illustrated by Soumei Hoshino. Alice is kidnapped by men dressed as rabbits, and shoved in Wonderland, where a very dangerous game is going on. Alice has to win to survive, but she has no idea what the rules are. The first in a series.

Down the Rabbit Hole by Peter Abrahams. Ingrid idolizes Sherlock Holmes-- something that comes in handy when she gets involved in a murder investigation. But on top of school, soccer practice, and playing the lead in a community theater production of Alice in Wonderland, can she solve the murder, too? The first Echo Falls Mystery, follow it with Behind the Curtain

Lost in a Good Book by Jasper Fforde. In addition to being a Literary Detective in the Real World, Thursday is starting as part of Jurisfiction--the force the polices books from within. Her mentor/partner is the man-hating Miss Havisham, a bad break for Thursday who needs to get Landen un-eradicated. Other favorite characters include Havisham's nemesis, the Red Queen, the Chesire Cat, only, because of boundary changes, he's now the Unitary Authority of Warrington Cat. The second in a series published for adults, teens who've had to slog through the Western Canon for advanced lit classes will love this one. Start with The Eyre Affair.

What are your favorite Alice related books?

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